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Electrical Panels

 We've all got one, but not many of us know much about them. Electrical panels. They come in many brands, GE, Square D Homeline, Square D QO, Cutler-Hammer, Seimens, Federal Pacific, and Zinsco among them. Do you know what type you have? That's handy information when you call for extra circuits or troubleshooting. 

We always ask that you send us a picture of your panel with the door open before we begin a job. This helps us determine the type, size, and availability of breaker space. With this information we can tell a lot about a job before we arrive, making us better prepared, and a prepared contractor can do their job much faster.

Do you know which among the electrical panels are fire hazards? Federal Pacific and Zinsco. You can find links on the page "Is My Panel Safe" for more detailed information. If you have one of these, it is time for a panel change. The amount of damage caused by one of these faulty panels can be extreme! Here is a picture of a Zinsco Electrical Panel 

And here is a picture of a Federal Pacific (FPE) electrical panel

If you find you have either of these, please call right away so we can get it replaced for you. 

Any electrical issues with your panel, including tripping breakers, is a signal to call an electrician. Those breakers trip for a reason, and we should get to the bottom of it before any damage occurs in your wiring or panel. It could be as simple as a worn-out breaker or as serious as a break in one of your electrical lines.

You may also find that your panel schedule - the writing on the inside of the door of your electrical panel - may be incorrect or not there at all. We'd be happy to come to trace out the correct panel information for you. It takes a bit of time but makes life easier if you have a tripped breaker. If your panel is labeled, you'll know what circuit to tell us it is on.

I hope this information was helpful! When you need an electrician, you know who to call - A Better Electrician, Inc.! Better Quality, Better Service, Better Reputation! Just. Better. 970-214-5284

Staycation Fun with a Hot Tub!

 So many of us right now have forgone our vacations and opted for 'stay-cations' instead! One of the many popular ways to treat yourself at home is a new hot tub. It's not Just a treat though, hot tubs have many wonderful benefits.

*Improved Range of Motion
*Symptom Relief for Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Fibromyalgia
*Relief from Muscular Pain
*Reduces Stress and Anxiety
*Better Sleep

Those are just a few of the many great benefits!

We know it's a big investment and want you to have the right power from the get-go! Remember, we have to set the wiring so you can run that beautiful new tub!

Call us soon to get scheduled for your hot tub wiring! 970-214-5284

Of course, we are still performing all of our regular electrical services, so call for any of your home electrical projects from lighting remodeling to bidet outlets, electrical vehicle charging stations to ceiling fans, and any other electrical project you can think of.

Electrical Panels

  We've all got one, but not many of us know much about them. Electrical panels. They come in many brands, GE, Square D Homeline, Square...