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Time to upgrade to LED lights

The benefits of LED lighting are many! The life of the bulb is over 10 years, meaning no more up and down the ladder every 6 months for bulb changing. The light produced can be in many tones to match your mood or room. According to Xcel Energy they use 70-90% less energy! Plus you can get discounts or rebates on LED's at participating stores. I've included a link to Xcel Energy's lighting rebate page below.

LED's come any way you would want a light. Undercounter strips to regular bulbs to LED Edison style bulbs. Here are a few pictures of the different types of LED bulbs and light fixtures. As you can see, your imagination is the limit with these awesome bulbs and fixtures! Do a quick Google search for LED lighting, you'll be amazed at what you can do and save so much energy!

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