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New Electric Vehicle? We can help!

Do you have a new electric vehicle that needs a charging outlet? We can help! We've installed many EV chargers over the past several years.
First, thank you for going green with your vehicle! 
Second, give us a call as soon as you need your charging station wired, we are here for you!
There is considerable interest in electric and hybrid cars because of environmental and climate change concerns, tougher fuel efficiency standards, and increasing dependence on imported oil. 
Did you know it all started with an electric train in Holland in 1864, the Hague Tramway Network. 

Then in 1896 the Riker Electric Tricycle came out with a 40V battery under it's seat.
In 1897 New York City Cabs began using electric vehicles, the first in the U.S.!

In 1899 the first electric vehicle to reach 100kph was the La Jamais Contente!
In 1902 came the Woods Electric Car topping out at 14mph and could go 18miles on a charge.
There's a lot more history to be learned about electric vehicles, and lots of facts I didn't know until now! I do know we go faster, and longer now than ever before...but not without a charging station. 
Call now to get on the schedule so you can be part of the electric vehicle history.


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